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University of Cologne
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Reshape Living Environments for the Elderly (RELIFE)

RELIFE aims at an inter- and transdisciplinary dialogue to better shape the quality of life of urban environments for the elderly.

 In view of the global trend that people are getting older and older, that older people often have to cope with several illnesses and limitations on a daily basis, and that old age is the main factor for numerous chronic illnesses (such as dementia), the needs of this (diverse) group of people must be taken into account to a much greater extent in the planning of urban environments. While most people want to stay at home as they age, there is a growing need for professional care facilities. These institutions form islands not only spatially but also socially, isolated from the living environment, which is an obstacle especially for the (re-)integration of people affected. 

Porteur de l'initiative

Erik Norman Dzwiza-Ohlsen