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Realizing sustainable conditions for teacher well-being amidst constant changes

The online workshop will act as a planning meeting consisting of a keynote speaker on the topic of teacher well-being (TWB). The keynote will be followed by a discussion between partners . Further steps will be outlined for projects starting February 2023.

This workshop corresponds to the fourth theme of the EUniWell consortium “Teacher Education” and, consequently, contributes toward the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4. In spite of the wealth of research conducted on teacher well-being, there is a scarcity of empirical research done to demonstrate the outcomes of teacher well-being (TWB) and its influence on teaching quality (Hascher & Waber, 2021). This workshop moves away from the definition of well-being as a lack of impairment, and subscribes instead to a positive definition of well-being a, “dynamic equilibrium between teachers’ resources and their challenges/demands (environmental, social, individual, physical, mental, psychological)” (Benevene et al., 2020). It particularly seeks to critically explore the specific factors and conditions for well-being in times where the challenges/demands themselves undergo sudden changes. Together with partners from the EUniWell network, the January 2023 workshop seeks to clarify which indicators will be chosen and studied, which research design and method could lead to meaningful collaborations, and how a fruitful exploration of TWB might be translated into policy recommendations, or as online material for the EUniWell website. 

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