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Mental well-being of LGBTQ autistic students

We are interested in EuniWell colleagues who are interested in understanding the mental well-being of autistic students who also identify themselves as LGBTQ.


This project aims to understand the mental well-being needs of autistic students who are LGBTQ. There have been studies which have explored this area in students on the autism spectrum and students who identify themselves as LGBTQ separately which have highlighted some of the negative experiences, but there is very little research which looks at students who are autistic and LGBTQ. However, recent research suggests that higher percentage of adults on the autism spectrum are non-heterosexual and non-binary. Therefore, there is a need to understand the mental well-being of these students and how universities can best support them. 

Objectifs visés

To undertake a survey with autistic LGBTQ students from three universities to understand their experiences.

To understand examples of good practice and further support which can be developed.

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Porteur de l'initiative

Perepa Prithvi