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How many trees (Tons of paper) can we save through the exams?

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The project aims to reduce as much as possible the use of paper in the evaluation process. We propose to develop a common software fulfilling all the needs expressed by students and teachers to do electronic (but face to face) exams, revisions, and evaluations.


The project is addressed to students and teachers from any degree and level. All of them will be trained to use the electronic tool developed by the ITT staff of the universities. The results will be collected through polls. The amount of paper saved, the evaluation results, and the satisfaction of participants will be registered, analyzed, and published. 

Objectifs visés

Minimize the use of paper in the universities.

Contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

Create awareness among university students and teachers about the importance of this type of initiative.

Démarche mise en œuvre

We have developed a pilot study this year at the University of Murcia and the results are very promising.

Ressources mobilisées

Most of the students and teachers were highly satisfied with the initiative. For the students, because they got the results of their exams faster and got individualized access to the teacher´s comments from home. For the teachers, because they can correct the exams at the same time as other colleagues over the same students and they can do the review process with each student from any place. 

Bilan et perspectives

The initiative can have a significant impact on the green policies if we can gather a high number of students and teachers, and if they are willing to spread the idea to other countries and universities.

Porteur de l'initiative

Pilar Coy Fuster