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dissertation tutoring and students' wellbeing: empowering dynamic systems in higher education

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The international literature considers dissertations as an important learning process in many undergraduate and master degrees. In the last 20 years there has been a significant increase of this pedagogic works among disciplines and countries. However, there are some concerns about the way pedagogical research is transfered into educational practice within each brand of knowledge. Given this context, it is necessary to apply general standards which stand out by its originality, significance, rigorousness and relevance; with no mention to geografphic nature or other particular subjects' background factors. At the international level, some methodological processes have been raised to dynamically measure the evaluation consistency in faculties or universities; but these processes refer to the criteria analysis without students' perspective. For this reason, this project follows three main objectives: 1.- To develop a new scale on the students' evaluation of dissertation tutoring, considering transversal competences from all branches of knowledge which may be based on wellbeing and emotional intelligence; 2.- To conduct a pilot study of this new scale in a large sample of representative university students; and 3.- To conduct a validation study of the international structure of the instrument with a new large sample of university students.


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This new scale considers undergraduate and master degree students from all the faculties of the universities that may participate in this project. At the same time, professors and students perspective will be considered in an initial qualitative phase to item elaboration and initial theoretical dimensions of the scale. According to validation standards, paralell back translation procedure will be applied to ensure language comprehension for all participants involved. Finally, both pilot and validation study will be done through statistcal analysis (item response theory; exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis).

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Alejandro Veas