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App-base and social medial exercise programme for disable people

Adults with disability often have low physical activity level due to a combination of intrinsic and environmental reasons; for example, the injury itself reduces the capacity of individuals undertaking exercise, lack of knowledge and speciality in prescribing suitable exercise, or exercise facilities and resources being unavailable. There are many commercial exercise programme and fitness applications (apps) available for non-disable people to help and motivate them exercise and maintain physical activity level. The market is relatively immature and underdeveloped for adults with disability. Hence, it is important to research how to best help disable people exercise, with a view to maintaining health. We propose the first step to understand current exercise resources available for adults with disability and to critically analyse the content of the available exercise resources in relation to the needs of the users. We want to expand the project beyond the UK and are looking for collaborators who are interested in this project from other partnering universities.


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