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Quality Leisure & Transition: from life to future life

Master, Doctorat, Enseignants, formation continue
How do the competences acquired in informal contexts, with particular attention to leisure, pass to Higher Education? What configurations do these competences have? How can they be an element capable of promoting positive transitions in the labor market and fostering an integrated and holistic vision of well-being, inspired by the development of Life Skills? These research questions seem very interesting to our Research Group (Lilah) in University of Florence and can activate interesting research to help foster a climate of well-being in students (they can feel a strong link between their life, education and professionalization) that helps them to look at their professional future with confidence and with a high rate of self-efficacy and self-esteem. The idea is to use methods inspired by participatory research and methodologies inspired by the Student's Voice to be able to collect data on leisure experiences in order to identify the core competences that these activities. In addition, we will try to focus on how these activities (related to the use of Social Networks, motor and sports activities, the use of streaming platforms, etc.) can help the transition into the labor market in term of creativity, entrepreneurship, lateral thinking, problem solving, etc., passing in turn in the lives of students. We are interested in carrying out a comparison activity also with other Euniwell partner. For us it will be a pleasure to collaborate and compare ourselves with all those who will find our research questions interesting. The impact of the research will be on Faculty Development, but it aims to create Quality Leisure Experience Sharing Tools (inspired, for example, to Fandom, etc.) that can help students in transition to life and to the future profession.


Students, Higher Educations, Quality Leisure

Objectifs visés

Create positive transitions from life to future life, in term of Quality Leisure and labor market placement

Démarche mise en œuvre

Identify core competences in Quality Leisure

Create Quality Leisure Experience Sharing Tools

Ressources mobilisées

Students with mixed-methods

Bilan et perspectives

Faculty Development, Wellbeing development

Porteur de l'initiative