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Planetary health education

We would like to join forces with EuniWell partners to explore the inclusion of ‘Planetary Health’ in the (bio)medical curricula and work towards a bigger cooperation project under Erasmus+



Climate change is the biggest health threat of the 21st century while, paradoxically, the health sector itself is a big contributor to climate change.We need future (bio)medical professionals who will be able to deliver climate and environmental proof care as well as climate and environmentally friendly care. Furthermore, according to a recent enquiry, 72% of medical students in the Netherlands ask for Planetary Health to be included in their curriculuma



As climate change is a global problem and its solutions cross borders we would like to join forces with other medical faculties and/or other faculties with expertise in climate change (multidisciplinary) to learn from each other, inspire each other and develop solutions together for inclusion of the topic in our educational programmes. 

We would like to apply for seed funding with EUniWell partners to organize activities that will lead to a bigger Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership application next year.

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