Centre de Développement Pédagogique
Centre de Développement Pédagogique
23 Rue Recteur Schmitt, 44300 Nantes, France

48h to develop your pedagogy

Enseignants, Enseignants-chercheurs
30 personnes
Supported by educational developpers and designers, academics are invited to re-design a teaching sequence using creative methods with the help of an interdisciplinary, interprofessionnal and intergenerational team.


Initiated by the RFI Ouest Industries Créatives project, this training programme offers participants the opportunity to use design thinking and instructional design methods to co-construct course sequences by mobilising multidisciplinary teams.

Learning outcomes

  • To co-design course sequences through the mobilisation of multidisciplinary teams using a variety of methods
  • To use design thinking and instructional design methods


Interdisciplinary creative marathon for academics who come with their teaching situations to be transformed, the 48h Workshop is aimed at those who are curious about pedagogy and creative methods as well as those who wish to re-think a teaching sequence. Over two days, in a residential seminar mode, participants are divided into teams to reflect together on the redesign of a lesson. The teams are made up of an academic wishing to revise one of his or her courses, a student who has already taken the course, an educational developer or instructional designer and a specialist in the design thinking method. At the end of the workshop, the academics leave with a prototype of a new sequence or a new organisation for the redesigned lesson. If they wish, they can continue to be supported by their team's educational developer in order to finalise the prototype, test it and revise it. 

The 48-hour workshop is therefore 48 hours of collective intelligence at the service of pedagogical development to promote student learning. 


Co-designed and run by the University of Nantes' Educational Development Centre |CDP] and the Nantes Atlantique School of Design for two editions, the 48-hour workshop is now included in the CDP's catalogue and can be organised on request as part of a project or for a faculty.


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